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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley74William DennisonRichard BirdsallClose in Front of HousePasture030 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley82William DennisonRichard BirdsallClose at Back of HouseMeadow0320 Map
HorsforthGuiseley956Mary DennisonBenjamin Marshall
Seth Smith & Thomas Whittam
John Smith
Four Houses, Garden & Fold 0035 Map
HorsforthGuiseley951Thomas RooGeorge Vesty
William Stead
William Dixon & Widow Stead
John Dawson
Samuel Hudson
George Swales
William Smith & Jacob Dennison
Houses 0024 Map
HorsforthGuiseley784John WomersleyJohn Thornton
Joseph Keighley
Jeremiah Spence
Thomas Nicholson & Joseph Whittam
Samuel Claughton
John Dennison
Jonathan Pollard
Joseph Whitaker
Henry Spencer & Joseph Whitfield
Eleven Houses & Mistall 0032 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley53Mary HartleyAbram Dennison
William Stockdale
Francis Waddington & Joseph Hargrave
Joseph Smith
James Frankland
James Walsh & Thomas Demain
Houses 0016 Map
MorleyBatley366The Earl of DartmouthJames Dennison
David Scholes
Cottages & Garden 0034 Map
MorleyBatley216Henry WebsterMichael Dennison & othersHouse, Outbuildings, Yard etc. 004 Map
MorleyBatley957Henry WebsterMichael Dennison & othersFar CroftPasture0332 Map
MorleyBatley961Henry WebsterMichael Dennison & othersLong CloseMeadow1325 Map
MorleyBatley223Henry WebsterMichael Dennison & othersNear CroftPasture0123 Map
RawdonGuiseley38Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonHouse & Outbuildings 0025 Map
RawdonGuiseley39Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonGarthPasture0034 Map
RawdonGuiseley420Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonBilling CloseMeadow1033 Map
RawdonGuiseley421Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonNear BottomsPasture3321 Map
RawdonGuiseley422Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonLow PasturePasture3036 Map
RawdonGuiseley423Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonNear ClosePasture3327 Map
RawdonGuiseley424Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonRhodes CloseArable2137 Map
RawdonGuiseley425Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonNear Slack BecksPasture4114 Map
RawdonGuiseley426Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonMiddle Slack BecksPasture227 Map
RawdonGuiseley427Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonFar Slack BecksPasture219 Map
RawdonGuiseley40Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonIntake 0031 Map
RawdonGuiseley393Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonTown End FieldMeadow430 Map
RawdonGuiseley412Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonBack Side ClosePasture5012 Map
RawdonGuiseley413Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonIntakePasture1220 Map
RawdonGuiseley414Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonOccupation Road 0038 Map
RawdonGuiseley415Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonTown CroftPasture3039 Map
RawdonGuiseley416Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonNear & Far AcrePasture3310 Map
RawdonGuiseley416aMrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonCoal Pit Hill 0022 Map
RawdonGuiseley417Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonCross Hill ClosePasture2239 Map
RawdonGuiseley418Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonKellett ClosePasture2025 Map
RawdonGuiseley419Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottWilliam DennisonMarshall Close & BrowMeadow527 Map
RawdonGuiseley127William FlowerJames Dennison
Nathaniel Bingley & Isaac Lister
Houses 006 Map
RawdonGuiseley660Stansfield Rawson EsquireWilliam DennisonPit Hill 0026 Map
RawdonGuiseley661Stansfield Rawson EsquireWilliam DennisonStubbingsPasture604 Map
RawdonGuiseley662Stansfield Rawson EsquireWilliam DennisonPit Hill 0016 Map
RawdonGuiseley663Stansfield Rawson EsquireWilliam DennisonSnather End Close & Upper & Lower HealdPasture29030 Map
RawdonGuiseley664Stansfield Rawson EsquireWilliam DennisonPlantation 0322 Map
RawdonGuiseley665Stansfield Rawson EsquireWilliam DennisonHarwood RoydPasture534 Map
RawdonGuiseley666Stansfield Rawson EsquireWilliam DennisonOccupation Road 0119 Map
RawdonGuiseley642Stansfield Rawson EsquireWilliam DennisonHouse & Garden 0119 Map
RawdonGuiseley604John Smith
Mary Smith
William DennisonBrook ClosePasture420 Map
RawdonGuiseley605John Smith
Mary Smith
William DennisonLand ClosePasture1331 Map
RawdonGuiseley606John Smith
Mary Smith
William DennisonRoundaboutPasture0134 Map
RawdonGuiseley607John Smith
Mary Smith
William DennisonLane HillPasture1020 Map
RawdonGuiseley608John Smith
Mary Smith
William DennisonThree Nooked FieldPasture1034 Map
RawdonGuiseley609John Smith
Mary Smith
William DennisonBack CroftPasture028 Map
RawdonGuiseley611John Smith
Mary Smith
William DennisonApple Tree GarthPasture0128 Map
RawdonGuiseley612John Smith
Mary Smith
William DennisonFore Door ClosePasture22020 Map
RawdonGuiseley613John Smith
Mary Smith
William DennisonOccupation Road 0027 Map
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