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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey516George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggCroftArable10110 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey517George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggHomesteadMeadow1114 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey518George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggPasture EndArable1123 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey519George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggButcher GarthMeadow3220 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey520George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggLong PastureArable10226 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey521George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggRed Stock CloseArable7122 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey522George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggNine LandsArable900 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey523George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggThistle Hill LeysArable7120 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey526George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggNear Top HatchellArable1038 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey537George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggSnow CroftsArable18117 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey157George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggBarley GarthArable1326 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey505George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggHell Pot WoodWood5223 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey506George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggWhinney ClosePasture7038 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey507George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggCooper BottomPasture336 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey508George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggHell Drake WoodWood7114 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey512George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggMill HillArable831 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey513George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggYew Tree CloseArable625 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey514George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggHell Drake CloseArable1227 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey515George Lane Fox EsquireJohn CleggMiddle Mill HillArable8121 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey20George Lane Fox EsquireJohn Clegg
William Powell
Calf Garth & Stable 0131 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey21George Lane Fox EsquireJohn Clegg
William Powell
Barley GarthArable3136 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey167George Lane Fox EsquireJohn Clegg
William Powell
Tan House ClosePasture6310 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey15George Lane Fox EsquireJohn Clegg
William Powell
Snow Crofts & Moor WhitsArable9024 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey16George Lane Fox EsquireJohn Clegg
William Powell
Moor WhitsArable320 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey17George Lane Fox EsquireJohn Clegg
William Powell
Townend CloseArable8329 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey18George Lane Fox EsquireJohn Clegg
William Powell
Low GarthArable6239 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey19George Lane Fox EsquireJohn Clegg
William Powell
Barley GarthArable631 Map
DrighlingtonBirstall357Widow CleggJoseph Liley & othersHouse, Shop, Croft & CottagesArable023 Map
DrighlingtonBirstall354Joseph BeanlandJohn CleggMoor ClosePasture3117 Map
DrighlingtonBirstall547Joseph BeanlandJohn CleggSmith's Shop, Outbuildings, Yard & CroftPasture010 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax9Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam CleggHouse, Homestead & Garth 0132 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax129Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam CleggRoodsGrass118 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax130Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam CleggRoodsGrass2334 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax191Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam CleggIn Spartle FieldArable213 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax89Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam CleggIn Ledstone IngGrass204 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax61Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam CleggPingleGrass2027 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax70Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam CleggMoor CloseArable4016 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax42Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam CleggIn Sheldon FieldArable123 Map
WetherbySpofforth211William Hill JuniorMortimer
Clegg & Precious
Cottages 003 Map