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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
PudseyCalverley257John Plumb Tempest EsquireJames ClaytonUpper FieldArable & Meadow4017 Map
PudseyCalverley258John Plumb Tempest EsquireJames ClaytonLower FieldArable3132 Map
PudseyCalverley257aJohn Plumb Tempest EsquireJames ClaytonAllotment 0318 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet124Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireJonas ClaytonHouse & Garden 0131 Map
YeadonGuiseley174Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BrownDenison CloseMeadow & Arable300 Map
YeadonGuiseley175Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BrownMiddle Windmill CloseMeadow0321 Map
YeadonGuiseley120Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BrownLittle Shaw ClosePasture4220 Map
YeadonGuiseley114Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BrownFieldMeadow & Arable1312 Map
YeadonGuiseley220Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BrownHill ClosePasture1228 Map
YeadonGuiseley223Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BrownIngPasture1228 Map
YeadonGuiseley782Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BrownGarden etc. 0037 Map
YeadonGuiseley222Richard Clayton EsquireHannah HarrisonCopt RoydMeadow1316 Map
YeadonGuiseley310Richard Clayton EsquireHannah HarrisonClay FieldMeadow1232 Map
YeadonGuiseley311Richard Clayton EsquireHannah HarrisonClay FieldMeadow206 Map
YeadonGuiseley312Richard Clayton EsquireHannah HarrisonClay FieldPasture1037 Map
YeadonGuiseley106Richard Clayton EsquireJonas JenkinsonHigh Haw CloseMeadow & Arable2021 Map
YeadonGuiseley110Richard Clayton EsquireJonas JenkinsonLow Haw CloseMeadow1236 Map
YeadonGuiseley142Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerUpper Low LandsMeadow & Arable2232 Map
YeadonGuiseley186Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerLow Low LandsMeadow & Arable208 Map
YeadonGuiseley7Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerBack of HawMeadow2016 Map
YeadonGuiseley107Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerLow Haw CloseArable1326 Map
YeadonGuiseley109Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerLow Haw CloseArable1216 Map
YeadonGuiseley3Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerRaywood SidePasture218 Map
YeadonGuiseley5Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerMiddle HawPasture134 Map
YeadonGuiseley314Richard Clayton EsquireJoseph BrayshawNear White KirkPasture0316 Map
YeadonGuiseley313Richard Clayton EsquireJoseph BrayshawFar White KirkPasture1224 Map
YeadonGuiseley244Richard Clayton EsquireJoseph MarshallSmall IngMeadow1128 Map
YeadonGuiseley241Richard Clayton EsquireMatthew WalkerHigh Copt RoydPasture1132 Map
YeadonGuiseley238Richard Clayton EsquireMatthew WalkerLow Copt RoydMeadow100 Map
YeadonGuiseley239Richard Clayton EsquireMatthew WalkerWest Copt RoydPasture1020 Map
YeadonGuiseley240Richard Clayton EsquireMatthew WalkerEast Copt RoydPasture1036 Map
YeadonGuiseley262Richard Clayton EsquireMatthew WalkerLow Quaker West FieldMeadow & Arable2316 Map
YeadonGuiseley65Richard Clayton EsquireJohn FletcherHigh & Low HawsMeadow & Arable610 Map
YeadonGuiseley138Richard Clayton EsquireJohn CooperWhite LandsMeadow & Arable3024 Map
YeadonGuiseley324Richard Clayton EsquireJohn CooperLow Wham FieldPasture2016 Map
YeadonGuiseley116Richard Clayton EsquireJames HeatonWhite LandsMeadow328 Map
YeadonGuiseley189Richard Clayton EsquireJeremiah SlaterNear StonesMeadow1316 Map
YeadonGuiseley263Richard Clayton EsquireRichard Baldwin
Joseph Brown & Company
Dam Wham & CroftPasture10036 Map
YeadonGuiseley163Richard Clayton EsquireRichard Baldwin
Joseph Brown & Company
FaultnessPasture3337 Map
YeadonGuiseley8Richard Clayton EsquireRichard Baldwin
Joseph Brown & Company
Back of House ClosePasture2321 Map
YeadonGuiseley221Richard Clayton EsquireRichard Baldwin
Joseph Brown & Company
Copt RoydMeadow & Arable1316 Map
YeadonGuiseley266Richard Clayton EsquireRichard Baldwin
Joseph Brown & Company
West FieldMeadow1228 Map
YeadonGuiseley218Richard Clayton EsquireRichard Baldwin
Joseph Brown & Company
Dog HolePasture114 Map
YeadonGuiseley9Richard Clayton EsquireRichard Baldwin
Joseph Brown & Company
Haw PotMeadow2119 Map
YeadonGuiseley10Richard Clayton EsquireRichard Baldwin
Joseph Brown & Company
Little Haw PotPasture1126 Map
YeadonGuiseley173Richard Clayton EsquireWilliam JenkinsonClub Houses Garden 1137 Map
YeadonGuiseley172Richard Clayton EsquireJoseph BirdsallWindmill CloseMeadow & Arable320 Map
YeadonGuiseley274Richard Clayton EsquireHannah HarrisonBottomsPasture126 Map
YeadonGuiseley267Richard Clayton EsquireCornelius AppleyardSyke FlattPasture300 Map
YeadonGuiseley257Richard Clayton EsquireCornelius AppleyardWest FieldPasture1314 Map
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