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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
MorleyBatley1156aThe Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterHouse, Outbuildings, Yard etc. 012 Map
MorleyBatley565The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterRoad 0136 Map
MorleyBatley838The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterTong RoydsArable & Meadow430 Map
MorleyBatley859The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterNear FieldArable & Meadow2035 Map
MorleyBatley861The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterFar FieldMeadow2115 Map
MorleyBatley1158The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterSecond CloseArable4310 Map
MorleyBatley1159The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterSeven AcresArable630 Map
MorleyBatley278The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterCottages 006 Map
MorleyBatley326The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterCottages 0010 Map
MorleyBatley1169The Earl of DartmouthHannah BywaterForty ShillingsArable & Meadow4239 Map
MorleyBatley1003The Earl of DartmouthHannah BywaterPublic House, Outbuildings, Yard etc. 0135 Map
MorleyBatley873The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterBrunt Cliffe Lane CloseMeadow320 Map
MorleyBatley874The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterBrunt Cliffe Lane CloseMeadow1212 Map
MorleyBatley925The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterHatchetArable1330 Map
MorleyBatley939The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterBarias CloseArable4132 Map
MorleyBatley1114The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterTwelve AcresPasture719 Map
MorleyBatley1115The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterTwelve AcresArable5211 Map
MorleyBatley1116The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterEight AcresArable8227 Map
MorleyBatley1156The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterToft CloseMeadow403 Map
MorleyBatley1157The Earl of DartmouthThomas BywaterFive AcresArable5015 Map
MorleyBatley337Thomas BywaterDavid Butterfield & anotherCottages & Garden 0118 Map
MorleyBatley232Thomas BywaterGeorge Webster & othersCottages etc. 0013 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds223Elizabeth BywaterElizabeth BywaterHouse & Buildings 0029 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds225Elizabeth BywaterElizabeth BywaterTop FieldGrass1230 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds226Elizabeth BywaterElizabeth BywaterLow FieldGrass1235 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds929John BywaterChristopher BeckettWell CloseGrass107 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds903John BywaterJoseph VickersPart of First AllotmentGrass0013 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds904John BywaterJoseph VickersOld Sand Pit 0112 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds905John BywaterJoseph VickersCalf GarthGrass0028 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds930John BywaterJoseph VickersTriangleGrass0216 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds931John BywaterJoseph VickersPark CloseArable5034 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds932John BywaterJoseph VickersClose afore the HouseArable2017 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds934John BywaterJoseph VickersHill FieldGrass1338 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds935John BywaterJoseph VickersShrogg in Hill FieldWood2018 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds937John BywaterJoseph VickersHouse CloseArable235 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds938John BywaterJoseph VickersWood CloseGrass1129 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds939John BywaterJoseph VickersPlantation in Wood Close 0033 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds936John BywaterJoseph VickersDam CloseGrass2112 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds933John BywaterJoseph VickersFarm House & Buildings 017 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds870John BywaterJoseph VickersTop IntakeGrass1331 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds871John BywaterJoseph VickersTop IntakeGrass2219 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds872John BywaterJoseph VickersTop IntakeGrass3316 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds873John BywaterJoseph VickersMiddle IntakeArable231 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds874John BywaterJoseph VickersGreat IntakeArable713 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds881John BywaterJoseph VickersDyke FieldGrass2212 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds882John BywaterJoseph VickersDyke FieldArable3237 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds886John BywaterJoseph VickersFar AllotmentArable & Grass2211 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds887John BywaterJoseph VickersMiddle AllotmentArable & Grass2129 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds902John BywaterJoseph VickersFirst AllotmentArable1327 Map
ThorpeRothwell1Benjamin Dealtry EsquireWilliam BywaterHouse, Barn, Yard, Garden & Croft 0114 Map
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