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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1043Clara ThornhillHannah BrownOak CloseMeadow1214 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley212Clara ThornhillHannah BrownOak ClosePasture0134 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1042Clara ThornhillHannah BrownThree Days WorkArable & Meadow2128 Map
PudseyCalverley561John Farrer (of Eccleshill)William Brown
George Durrans
Old PasturePasture2236 Map
OtleyOtley213Richard DickensonGeorge BrownLittle RammersGrass1235 Map
OtleyOtley212John HoldsworthJohn BrownLittle RammersGrass106 Map
HorsforthGuiseley400Joseph BrownPeter Gerrad
William Waterhouse Junior
William Dockray & William Lobley
Four Houses 008 Map
HorsforthGuiseley23Eleanor EmmottIsaac BrownLittle CloseMeadow1335 Map
HorsforthGuiseley24Eleanor EmmottIsaac BrownNew CloseMeadow2337 Map
HorsforthGuiseley25Eleanor EmmottIsaac BrownOld PastureArable1334 Map
HorsforthGuiseley26aEleanor EmmottIsaac BrownRoad to Middle Pasture 008 Map
HorsforthGuiseley26Eleanor EmmottIsaac BrownMiddle PasturePasture115 Map
HorsforthGuiseley27Eleanor EmmottIsaac BrownTompenny ClosePasture204 Map
HorsforthGuiseley28Eleanor EmmottIsaac BrownHigh Claughton House ClosePasture3013 Map
HorsforthGuiseley29Eleanor EmmottIsaac BrownPoor ClosePasture1219 Map
HorsforthGuiseley30Eleanor EmmottIsaac BrownBen ClosePasture2331 Map
HorsforthGuiseley31Eleanor EmmottIsaac BrownLow Claughton House ClosePasture3118 Map
HorsforthGuiseley32Eleanor EmmottIsaac BrownLow PasturePasture535 Map
HorsforthGuiseley189Eleanor EmmottJoseph BrownBlooming Lane 104 Map
HorsforthGuiseley190Eleanor EmmottJoseph BrownClap CakePasture4212 Map
HorsforthGuiseley191Eleanor EmmottJoseph BrownLittle ClosePasture2230 Map
HorsforthGuiseley192Eleanor EmmottJoseph BrownGreat CloseArable5238 Map
HorsforthGuiseley193Eleanor EmmottJoseph BrownFly AwayPasture5224 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1Eleanor EmmottJohn Fletcher
William Langley & Isaac Brown
Homestead & Fold 0115 Map
HorsforthGuiseley829aJames WrightJoseph Brown
Thomas Light & Thomas Stephenson
Samuel Marsden
Five Houses 0010 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley400William BrownWilliam BrownPlantation 008 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley434William BrownWilliam BrownAllotmentArable235 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley399William BrownIsaac Hardwick & James Brown
Thomas Pullan
Houses & Gardens 0016 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley81Thomas BrownThomas BrownHouse & Garden 007 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley392Thomas BrownThomas BrownAllotmentArable129 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley82Ellis BrownEllis BrownHouse & Shop 005 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley407Joseph BrownThomas PriestleyAllotmentArable2132 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley32William BrownJohn MarshallHouse 001 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley45William BrownWilliam BrownHouse & Garden 008 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley65William BrownWilliam BrownBarn 004 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley398William BrownWilliam BrownAllotmentMeadow125 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley160Jeremiah ClaytonJohn Brown
John Sladen
Houses 002 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley17William HardwickJohn Brown
Betty Burnell
Mary Rhodes & James Brown
Joseph Oddy
William Oddy
John Hardwick
Thomas Hardwick
James Wood
John Hardacre & Thomas Ive
Houses 0025 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley406John HardistyThomas BrownAllotmentArable1019 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley401John InghamWilliam BrownOld Quarry 0029 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley402John InghamWilliam BrownAllotmentPasture2117 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley124Joseph RipleyJames Brown
Samuel Cooper
John Padgett & Jane Bolton
Houses & Gardens 0021 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley240Joseph RipleyWilliam BrownFar HoleMeadow1021 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley397Joseph RipleyWilliam BrownAllotmentArable0015 Map
AberfordAberford96Bentley James BarberJohn Brown JuniorLongdaleArable130 Map
AberfordAberford441Bentley James BarberJohn Brown JuniorAllotment on CommonArable0232 Map
AberfordAberford108Elizabeth Gascoigne
Mary Isabella Gascoigne
John BrownCroftGrass0235 Map
AberfordAberford113Elizabeth Gascoigne
Mary Isabella Gascoigne
John BrownBarn etc. 0011 Map
AberfordAberford175Elizabeth Gascoigne
Mary Isabella Gascoigne
John BrownShoulder of MuttonPart Grass, Part Arable1235 Map
AberfordAberford199Elizabeth Gascoigne
Mary Isabella Gascoigne
John BrownHaverwatesPart Grass, Part Arable100 Map
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