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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
PudseyCalverley965Joseph BrookJoseph BrookCrimbles ClosePasture0226 Map
HorsforthGuiseley854Jeremiah BrookWilliam Brogden
Joshua Willy
Thomas Rollinson
John Longfellow
Joseph Wilkinson & William Nicholls
Five Houses, Garden & Dyehouse 0021 Map
MorleyBatley287The Earl of DartmouthWilliam BrookCottage etc. 006 Map
MorleyBatley289aThe Earl of DartmouthWilliam BrookCottages etc. 009 Map
MorleyBatley289The Earl of DartmouthSamuel BrookHouse, Outbuildings, Yard & Garden 0134 Map
MorleyBatley393aThe Earl of DartmouthSamuel BrookFar Beck ClosePasture208 Map
MorleyBatley304The Earl of DartmouthSamuel BrookLittle CloseMeadow1220 Map
MorleyBatley400The Earl of DartmouthSamuel BrookMilner RoydPasture312 Map
MorleyBatley291aThe Earl of DartmouthWilliam BrookHouse, Barn, Stable, Yard etc. 0010 Map
MorleyBatley391The Earl of DartmouthWilliam BrookNear RodsArable & Meadow2130 Map
MorleyBatley392The Earl of DartmouthWilliam BrookFar RodsArable2110 Map
MorleyBatley393The Earl of DartmouthWilliam BrookHilly RodsPasture120 Map
MorleyBatley373The Earl of DartmouthBenjamin BrookUpper Moor CloseMeadow200 Map
MorleyBatley374The Earl of DartmouthBenjamin BrookLower Moor CloseArable & Meadow1330 Map
MorleyBatley375The Earl of DartmouthBenjamin BrookPastureMeadow3030 Map
MorleyBatley176Joseph BeckettJonathan Brook & anotherCottages etc. 0010 Map
MorleyBatley1036aAnn CrowtherWilliam BrookCottage & Garden 0032 Map
MorleyBatley9William HudsonSarah Brook & othersCottages 0014 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax121Sir John Henry Lowther
Thomas Brook & othersCottages & Premises 0012 Map
ArmleyLeeds148Henry HodgsonAnn BrookCottage 002 Map
HunsletLeeds62Sarah ArmitageJohn Brook & anotherHouse & Garden 0010 Map
HunsletLeeds88John Edward BrookRichard Wilson
William Wilson
 Grass1212 Map
HunsletLeeds71aJohn Edward BrookThomas Davison Grass0032 Map
HunsletLeeds77John Edward BrookThomas Davison Grass3110 Map
HunsletLeeds79John Edward BrookThomas Davison Grass0234 Map
YeadonGuiseley387Samuel FieldhouseJames BrookCroft etc. 0030 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds32Jane BlakeJames Harrison
James Reynard
Mary Walton
Sarah Brook
John Farrall & John Tuke
Richard Gott
William Martin Severs
John Hodgson & Thomas Greenwood
Cottages 0024 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds136Chapel Allerton TownshipHenry Brook
Ann Moss
Poor Houses 002 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds772William ScottJohn Belwood
John Morton
John Rolinson
Mary Coats
Christopher Wilkinson & John Brook
Joseph Fawcett
Thomas Askwith
John Daniels & James Askey
Cottages, Gardens & Smith's Shop 021 Map
DrighlingtonBirstall78Trustees of John Edward BrookSamuel GarforthFar FlatArable & Meadow2220 Map
DrighlingtonBirstall80Trustees of John Edward BrookSamuel GarforthNear FlatPasture1234 Map
DrighlingtonBirstall139Trustees of John Edward BrookRichard WilkinsonNether FieldMeadow5020 Map
DrighlingtonBirstall137Trustees of John Edward BrookEdward DeanUpper Windmill CloseArable7323 Map
DrighlingtonBirstall151Trustees of John Edward BrookEdward DeanLower Windmill CloseArable4138 Map
DrighlingtonBirstall140Trustees of John Edward BrookTrustees of John Edward BrookThickthorn Bank Wood 0211 Map
FarnleyLeeds464John Leathley
Edward & William Armitage
as Lords of the Manor
Richard BrookTenter CloseGrass3125 Map
FarnleyLeeds471John Leathley
Edward & William Armitage
as Lords of the Manor
Richard BrookCross IngGrass1331 Map
FarnleyLeeds496John Leathley
Edward & William Armitage
as Lords of the Manor
Richard BrookBarn & Mistal 003 Map
FarnleyLeeds497John Leathley
Edward & William Armitage
as Lords of the Manor
Richard BrookStack GarthGrass0015 Map
FarnleyLeeds494Richard BrookRichard BrookHouse, Smiths Shop etc. 005 Map
BramleyLeeds699Benjamin BrookJohn HollidayFieldArable & Grass227 Map
BramleyLeeds502William PawsonJohn Brook & othersThree Houses & Yards 0027 Map
BramleyLeeds159George Pickles SeniorWilliam Brook & othersFive Cottages 007 Map
ThorpeRothwell80George Ralph Payne Jarvis EsquireJames BrookCottage, Shop & CroftPasture0222 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell360John Blayds EsquireJohn Brook & anotherTwo Cottages 004 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell357John Blayds EsquireMartha BrookGarden 0010 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds811Executors of Thomas Everard UptonJohn Smith BrookNear Dawnay CloseGrass3324 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds816Executors of Thomas Everard UptonJohn Smith BrookPart of Far Dawnay CloseGrass215 Map