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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
HorsforthGuiseley854Jeremiah BrookWilliam Brogden
Joshua Willy
Thomas Rollinson
John Longfellow
Joseph Wilkinson & William Nicholls
Five Houses, Garden & Dyehouse 0021 Map
HorsforthGuiseley880Francis Sharp Bridges EsquireJoseph Hutchinson
Moses Brogden
Marmaduke Yeadon & Joseph Whitfield
Richard Silson
John Adwin
Joseph Foster Junior & Benjamin Smith
Eight Houses, Garden & Stable 0131 Map
HorsforthGuiseley857James MarsdenSarah Brogden
William Libsot
Two Houses 004 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey85George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenNear Hunter FlattsPasture2231 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey86George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenNear Hunter FlattsPasture1219 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey87George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFar Hunter FlattsArable0035 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey88George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFar Hunter FlattsArable2110 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey89George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFar Hunter FlattsPlantation & Arable3312 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey90George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenHunter FlattsPlantation & Arable4213 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey91George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenHunter FlattsPasture & Plantation2034 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey92George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenHunter FlattsPasture1318 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey93George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenBeck ClosePasture3125 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey94George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenBeck ClosePasture236 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey95George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenBack HillsPasture310 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey96George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenBack HillsArable217 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey97George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenBack HillsArable4221 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey98George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenStripePasture116 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey99George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenStripePasture0316 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey100George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenStripePasture013 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey101George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenNear HillsArable5227 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey102George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenHillsArable1236 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey103George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenHillsArable1118 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey104George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenHillsArable121 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey105George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenNear HillsArable5122 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey106George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenNear Badger HolesArable3035 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey107George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFar Badger HolesArable4019 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey108George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFox CoverArable3313 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey109George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenHell CloseArable4010 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey110George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFar Back HillsArable5112 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey111George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFar Back HillsArable1022 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey112George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenLong ClosePasture102 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey113George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenLong ClosePasture238 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey114George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenBeck ClosePasture3219 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey115George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenBeck ClosePasture2317 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey116George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenHill & WoodPasture305 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey128George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFarefootPasture313 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey129George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFarefootPasture7318 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey130George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFarefootPasture408 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey131George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFarefootPasture7225 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey132George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFarefootPasture325 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey133George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenNear IngPasture4210 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey134George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenNear IngPasture5223 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey135George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenNear IngPasture2337 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey136George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenNear IngPasture2112 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey137George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenFog ClosePasture603 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey138George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenNear IngPasture8037 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey176George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenBottoms & WoodWood etc.1028 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey177George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenEncroachmentPasture0122 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey178George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenEncroachmentPasture0025 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey179George Lane Fox EsquireJohn BrogdenLane 0022 Map
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