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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Chapel AllertonLeeds396Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltFarm House, Buildings & Garden 025 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds393Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltFarm House, Buildings & Garden 025 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds88Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltChapeltown FieldArable3014 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds401Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltHanging BankGrass5026 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds461Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltBeet PastureGrass530 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds645Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltWest CloseArable600 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds669Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltWest CloseGrass1136 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds672Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltWest CloseArable410 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds673Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltWest CloseArable4014 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds674Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltWest CloseGrass2337 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds675Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltLittle West CloseGrass200 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds682Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltLow West CloseGrass4030 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds684Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltLong West CloseArable3026 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds89Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltMiddle CloseArable2216 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds390Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltLittle WasteArable4328 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds391Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltLong CroftArable532 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds392Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltTop GarthArable1132 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds394Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltStack YardGrass0034 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds397Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltLaith GarthGrass1123 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds398Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltLong CroftArable520 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds399Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltLittle CroftArable204 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds400Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltLow WasteArable520 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds400aChristopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltShrogg in Low WasteWood0018 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds685Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltUpper West CloseGrass231 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds694Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltWest CloseArable3112 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds695Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltWest CloseArable2218 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds696Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam BroadbeltWest CloseArable231 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds975Sarah BroadbeltJames Wood
Obediah Wood
William Whitfield & David Robinson
John Oddy
Joshua Garthfield
Benjamin Dixon & John Wood
Cottages & Gardens 0315 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds976Sarah BroadbeltJames EnglandAllotmentArable0032 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds977Sarah BroadbeltJames EnglandSand Pit in Allotment 006 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1069John BroadbeltJames SandiforthAllotmentGrass1330 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1074John BroadbeltJames SandiforthWood 125 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1076John BroadbeltJames SandiforthWood 0318 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1075John BroadbeltWilliam WilsonQuarry & Road 0121 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds139Samuel IngleSamuel Ingle
John Broadbelt & John Ingle
Cottages 003 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1029Matthew SawerMary Broadbelt & Richard Jackson
Hannah Wood
Cottages 0029 Map