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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
GildersomeBatley253Reverend BriggsJohn WillkinsonStoney CloseArable1328 Map
GildersomeBatley252Reverend BriggsJohn WillkinsonLong CloseMeadow2030 Map
GildersomeBatley257Reverend BriggsJohn WillkinsonBromy BrowMeadow112 Map
GildersomeBatley246Reverend BriggsJohn WillkinsonGreat ClosePasture1315 Map
GildersomeBatley251Reverend BriggsJohn WillkinsonBack CroftPasture102 Map
MorleyBatley239Benjamin Briggs & othersBenjamin Briggs & othersCottages 0013 Map
RawdonGuiseley118Thomas BingleyBenjamin BriggsHouse 003 Map
RawdonGuiseley32Reverend Lamplugh HirdNathaniel BriggsHouse, Garden & Outbuildings 0116 Map
RawdonGuiseley32aReverend Lamplugh HirdNathaniel BriggsGarden & Plantation 0017 Map
RawdonGuiseley372Reverend Lamplugh HirdNathaniel BriggsFar Cross HillMeadow2237 Map
RawdonGuiseley373Reverend Lamplugh HirdNathaniel BriggsNear Cross HillPasture400 Map
RawdonGuiseley394Reverend Lamplugh HirdNathaniel BriggsFront Door FieldMeadow2022 Map
RawdonGuiseley395Reverend Lamplugh HirdNathaniel BriggsTenter CroftPasture0221 Map
RawdonGuiseley396Reverend Lamplugh HirdNathaniel BriggsBack FieldMeadow1014 Map
ArmleyLeeds482Joshua BriggsJoshua BriggsHouse, Barn, Stable & Garden 0026 Map
ArmleyLeeds486Joshua BriggsJoshua BriggsAllotmentArable & Grass036 Map
ArmleyLeeds186William BriggsFrancis Seaton & anotherTwo Cottages 007 Map
ArmleyLeeds268John BriggsJohn BriggsHouse, Three Cottages & Garden 0035 Map
ArmleyLeeds275Thomas BriggsThomas BriggsHouse 003 Map
ArmleyLeeds224Executors of Michael BriggsSarah Dawson & othersSix Cottages 008 Map
ArmleyLeeds559Joshua BriggsJoshua BriggsHouse, Barn & Yard 0034 Map
ArmleyLeeds558Joshua BriggsJoshua BriggsCottage by George Stead 002 Map
ArmleyLeeds557Joshua BriggsJoshua BriggsTop CloseArable0331 Map
ArmleyLeeds556Joshua BriggsJoshua BriggsMiddle CloseGrass0215 Map
ArmleyLeeds561Joshua BriggsJoshua BriggsUpper CloseArable1134 Map
ArmleyLeeds553Joshua BriggsJoshua BriggsLow CloseGrass1311 Map
ArmleyLeeds554Joshua BriggsJoshua BriggsNear CloseArable1312 Map
ArmleyLeeds481Joshua BriggsJoshua BriggsAllotmentArable & Grass0322 Map
ArmleyLeeds269Grace HallidayFrancis Briggs & othersThree Cottages 002 Map
ArmleyLeeds183Executors of John OddyJoshua BriggsCottage 002 Map
ArmleyLeeds374Grace WrightNicholas Briggs & othersSix Cottages 006 Map
HunsletLeeds336Reverend Ralph Henry BrandlingEmanuel Briggs Grass1325 Map
HunsletLeeds337Reverend Ralph Henry BrandlingEmanuel Briggs Grass3126 Map
HunsletLeeds338Reverend Ralph Henry BrandlingEmanuel Briggs Grass1120 Map
HunsletLeeds344Reverend Ralph Henry BrandlingEmanuel Briggs Grass2324 Map
HunsletLeeds329Reverend Ralph Henry BrandlingEmanuel Briggs Grass421 Map
HunsletLeeds331Reverend Ralph Henry BrandlingEmanuel Briggs Arable3112 Map
HunsletLeeds332Reverend Ralph Henry BrandlingEmanuel Briggs Arable3138 Map
HunsletLeeds333Reverend Ralph Henry BrandlingEmanuel Briggs Grass325 Map
HunsletLeeds335Reverend Ralph Henry BrandlingEmanuel Briggs Grass1319 Map
HunsletLeeds168Incumbent of Trinity ChurchBenjamin Briggs & othersCottages & Gardens 0123 Map
HunsletLeeds334Trustees of Burnt Gate SchoolEmanuel Briggs Grass3031 Map
HunsletLeeds339Trustees of Burnt Gate SchoolEmanuel Briggs Grass0324 Map
HunsletLeeds340Trustees of Burnt Gate SchoolEmanuel Briggs Grass1110 Map
HunsletLeeds426Stephen WoolleyEmanuel BriggsGarden 012 Map
HunsletLeeds308Ernst Wolff EsquireEmanuel Briggs Grass2010 Map
HunsletLeeds309Ernst Wolff EsquireEmanuel BriggsFlax Mill 120 Map
PoolOtley141Michael Nicholson EsquireAaron BriggsHouse & Garden 0021 Map
PotternewtonLeeds85Joseph BriggsJosh Clarkson & othersFour Cottages 006 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk79John Atkinson of Austhorpe
John Atkinson of Leeds
William BriggsCottage, Yard & Garden 0012 Map
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