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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
PudseyCalverley422John FarrerJohn BradleyAllotment near CliffMeadow3023 Map
PudseyCalverley478Samuel ScarthWilliam BradleyCroftPasture1011 Map
PudseyCalverley476Samuel ScarthWilliam BradleyLow CroftPasture1116 Map
PudseyCalverley415William WebsterJohn BradleyAllotmentMeadow1036 Map
PudseyCalverley475Samuel ScarthWilliam BradleyLaith CloseMeadow121 Map
PudseyCalverley446Samuel ScarthWilliam BradleyAllotment 325 Map
PudseyCalverley447Samuel ScarthWilliam BradleyAllotment 2120 Map
PudseyCalverley24Richard FirthJohn BradleyStand ClosePasture2129 Map
PudseyCalverley29Richard FirthJohn BradleyRough CloseMeadow226 Map
PudseyCalverley34Richard FirthJohn BradleyLittle Close & CroftMeadow3139 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1124Abram BradleyThomas WaterhouseBack of the HouseArable0324 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley48John MuschampLister BradleyGarden 004 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley62John MuschampLister Bradley
William Smith
Houses 004 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley754William Rookes Compton Stansfield EsquireMary BradleyLow IngMeadow2110 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley755William Rookes Compton Stansfield EsquireMary BradleyHill IngMeadow1316 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley756William Rookes Compton Stansfield EsquireMary BradleyThe IngPasture1128 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley758William Rookes Compton Stansfield EsquireMary BradleyBarrett HillMeadow2230 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley759William Rookes Compton Stansfield EsquireMary BradleyMill HillPasture2028 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley760William Rookes Compton Stansfield EsquireMary BradleyRoad 0215 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley761William Rookes Compton Stansfield EsquireMary BradleyGreat Ox CloseMeadow4120 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley762William Rookes Compton Stansfield EsquireMary BradleyNear Ox CloseMeadow237 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley757William Rookes Compton Stansfield EsquireMary BradleyHouse, Garden & Laith 0032 Map
AberfordAberford111Elizabeth Gascoigne
Mary Isabella Gascoigne
Thomas Bradley & anotherCottages 003 Map
AberfordAberford107aThomas HewittThomas Bradley & anotherCottage 001 Map
MorleyBatley14Scatchard & others
Trustees of Batley School
William BradleyCroftPasture0026 Map
MorleyBatley7Scatchard & others
Trustees of Batley School
William Bradley & anotherCottages etc. 0012 Map
MorleyBatley984John BradleyJohn BradleyHouse, Outbuildings, Yard & Garden 1121 Map
MorleyBatley981John BradleyJames SavilleHunger HillMeadow231 Map
MorleyBatley349Batley Friendly Society (Charles Ward & Thomas Chadwick
John BradleyShop, Stable & Garden 0016 Map
MorleyBatley325Batley Friendly Society (Charles Ward & Thomas Chadwick
John Bradley & anotherCottage & Shop 0014 Map
MorleyBatley983John BradleyJames SavilleHembridgeMeadow1238 Map
MorleyBatley438John BradleyDavid ScottUpper Gill RoadMeadow2114 Map
MorleyBatley451John BradleyDavid ScottLower Gill RoadPasture2224 Map
MorleyBatley45aJohn BradleyThomas Kirkby & othersCottages 0010 Map
MorleyBatley101John BradleyJoseph ElamCottage & Garden 001 Map
MorleyBatley267John BradleyCottages Chapman & othersCottages 0013 Map
MorleyBatley356John BradleyJohn Wilson & othersCottages, Shop & Gardens 031 Map
MorleyBatley237Betty BradleyGeorge Mortimer & anotherCottages & Gardens 0013 Map
MorleyBatley135Trustees of Rehoboth Chapel (John Bradley & others)Reverend John CalvertChapel & Yard etc. 0127 Map
MorleyBatley78Trustees of Rehoboth Chapel (John Bradley & others)Reverend John CalvertHouse, Garden etc. 0016 Map
MorleyBatley240Henry WebsterJames BradleyHouse, Mistal etc. 0013 Map
MorleyBatley350Thomas WordsworthJohn BradleyAllotmentPasture0236 Map
LeedsLeeds482aWilliam BradleyWilliam Bradley & othersHouses, Gardens, Mill & Building Ground 200 Map
PoolOtley75Michael Nicholson EsquireJoseph Mason
Thomas Parker
William Ridalgh & John Yates
Thomas Bushby
John Bland
James Bradley & Robert Huddleston
Cottages & Yards 0027 Map
PoolOtley77Michael Nicholson EsquireJames BradleyOrchard 014 Map
PoolOtley78Michael Nicholson EsquireJames BradleyCroft & CoteArable014 Map
BramhamBramham138John BradleyJohn BradleyHouse, Masons Shed & Garden 0014 Map
BramhamBramham160John BradleyWilliam Hall & anotherHouses 002 Map
BramhamBramham139James BealJohn BradleyBuildings 005 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds789William WhiteheadCharles Bradley & Joseph Car
William Whitehead
House, Garden, Outbuildings & Cottages 0210 Map
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