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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
AberfordAberford67Matthew Bloome EsquireEdward AtkinsonHouse & Garden 0029 Map
AberfordAberford260aMatthew Bloome EsquireEdward AtkinsonAllotment (in front) 006 Map
AberfordAberford260Matthew Bloome EsquireEdward AtkinsonGarthGrass108 Map
AberfordAberford120Matthew Bloome EsquireMatthew Bloome EsquireHouse, Garden etc. 0227 Map
AberfordAberford123Matthew Bloome EsquireMatthew Bloome EsquireIng & PlantationGrass201 Map
AberfordAberford123aMatthew Bloome EsquireMatthew Bloome EsquirePlantation 0028 Map
AberfordAberford124Matthew Bloome EsquireMatthew Bloome EsquirePlantation 008 Map
AberfordAberford125Matthew Bloome EsquireMatthew Bloome EsquirePlantation 0023 Map
AberfordAberford449Matthew Bloome EsquireMatthew Bloome EsquireAllotment on CommonArable0112 Map
AberfordAberford451Matthew Bloome EsquireMatthew Bloome EsquireCottage etc. 006 Map
AberfordAberford452Matthew Bloome EsquireMatthew Bloome EsquireGarden 007 Map
AberfordAberford114aMatthew Bloome EsquireMatthew Bloome Esquire & othersCottages 0010 Map
AberfordAberford435Matthew Bloome EsquireMatthew YoungAllotment on CommonArable4124 Map
AberfordAberford437Matthew Bloome EsquireMatthew YoungAllotment on CommonArable605 Map
AberfordAberford438Matthew Bloome EsquireMatthew YoungAllotment on CommonArable1227 Map
AberfordAberford114Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn PeacockHouse, Garden etc. 0220 Map
AberfordAberford126Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn PeacockIngGrass321 Map
AberfordAberford128Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn PeacockBottom CloseGrass2015 Map
AberfordAberford167Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn PeacockHigh ToftsArable2315 Map
AberfordAberford174Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn PeacockHigh ToftsArable3116 Map
AberfordAberford183Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn PeacockLittle Gray Stone FieldArable3114 Map
AberfordAberford184Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn PeacockPlantation 011 Map
AberfordAberford186Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn PeacockGray Stone FieldArable4019 Map
AberfordAberford187Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn PeacockGray Stone FieldArable1326 Map
AberfordAberford188Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn PeacockPlantation 0217 Map
AberfordAberford191Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn PeacockBirtree AcreArable1210 Map
AberfordAberford198Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn PeacockHaverwatesArable0314 Map
AberfordAberford431Matthew Bloome EsquireJohn WilksAllotment on CommonArable9028 Map
AberfordAberford94Matthew Bloome EsquireHenry WoodParadise CloseGrass1139 Map
AberfordAberford95Matthew Bloome EsquireHenry WoodParadise CloseGrass1139 Map
AberfordAberford103Matthew Bloome EsquireHenry WoodBatman ButtsGrass0234 Map
AberfordAberford448Matthew Bloome EsquireWilliam WoodAllotment on CommonArable0132 Map
LeedsLeeds168aWilliam HargraveMatthew Bloome
William Hargrave
Houses, Garden, Pleasure Grounds etc. 233 Map
Lotherton cum AberfordSherburn in Elmet27Matthew BloomeWilliam Hick & John Potter
James Wray
Three Cottages 0010 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds941Matthew BloomeJohn AtkinsonLower Ragg Holme 3027 Map