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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
RawdonGuiseley327aThomas BingleyWilliam DawsonThe IngMeadow304 Map
RawdonGuiseley118Thomas BingleyBenjamin BriggsHouse 003 Map
RawdonGuiseley146Samuel BingleySamuel WalkerHouse & Garden 0026 Map
RawdonGuiseley115Thomas BingleySamuel Emmott
Joseph Marshall
Houses & Garden 0022 Map
RawdonGuiseley116Thomas BingleyHenry MarshallHouse & Garden 006 Map
RawdonGuiseley117Thomas BingleyWilliam DawsonHouse, Garden & Outbuildings 012 Map
RawdonGuiseley127William FlowerJames Dennison
Nathaniel Bingley & Isaac Lister
Houses 006 Map
RawdonGuiseley312Reverend Lamplugh HirdSamuel BingleyLow MeadowMeadow3221 Map
RawdonGuiseley313Reverend Lamplugh HirdSamuel BingleyLow PasturePasture4334 Map
RawdonGuiseley367Reverend Lamplugh HirdSamuel BingleyWest IntakeArable229 Map
RawdonGuiseley368Reverend Lamplugh HirdSamuel BingleyRough PasturePasture3234 Map
RawdonGuiseley369Reverend Lamplugh HirdSamuel BingleyLittle FieldArable137 Map
RawdonGuiseley370Reverend Lamplugh HirdSamuel BingleyCanada CloseMeadow229 Map
RawdonGuiseley371Reverend Lamplugh HirdSamuel BingleyHigh Canada ClosePasture3022 Map
RawdonGuiseley397Reverend Lamplugh HirdSamuel BingleyCroftPasture0329 Map
RawdonGuiseley402Reverend Lamplugh HirdSamuel BingleyTop o' t' Town FieldMeadow0310 Map
RawdonGuiseley182Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyBuckstonePasture1031 Map
RawdonGuiseley183Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyThe OrrigeMeadow0328 Map
RawdonGuiseley184Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyThe Silver HillsPasture13033 Map
RawdonGuiseley185Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyThe ParkPasture4123 Map
RawdonGuiseley186Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyClose under t' HillArable2013 Map
RawdonGuiseley187Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyLow AshleyArable3022 Map
RawdonGuiseley188Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyClose under the HelmArable2218 Map
RawdonGuiseley189Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyThe Long AshleyPasture3021 Map
RawdonGuiseley190Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyWell CloseArable2133 Map
RawdonGuiseley191Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleySquare CloseArable2329 Map
RawdonGuiseley177Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyHouse, Garden & Outbuildings 0133 Map
RawdonGuiseley178Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyStack Yard 0139 Map
RawdonGuiseley178aReverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyOccupation Road 0032 Map
RawdonGuiseley179Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyPlantation 023 Map
RawdonGuiseley180Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyDelf HillPasture0232 Map
RawdonGuiseley181Reverend Lamplugh HirdThomas BingleyThe HillPasture1311 Map
RawdonGuiseley326William WhiteThomas BingleyLittle Stone WallsMeadow1026 Map
RawdonGuiseley327William WhiteThomas BingleyWhite LandsPasture036 Map
RawdonGuiseley21aWilliam WhiteThomas BingleyGarthArable0235 Map
RawdonGuiseley109William WhiteThomas BingleyHouse, Garden & Outbuildings 013 Map
RawdonGuiseley109aWilliam WhiteThomas BingleyGarden 0121 Map
RawdonGuiseley110William WhiteThomas BingleyFront GarthPasture1023 Map
RawdonGuiseley111William WhiteThomas BingleyBack GarthPasture1128 Map
RawdonGuiseley321William WhiteThomas BingleyGreat OddyMeadow3136 Map
RawdonGuiseley322William WhiteThomas BingleyLittle OddyMeadow1011 Map
RawdonGuiseley324William WhiteThomas BingleyGarden CloseMeadow126 Map
RawdonGuiseley325William WhiteThomas BingleyCross LandsPasture1039 Map
RawdonGuiseley106Benjamin WaughThomas Procter
Sarah Thornbest & George Bingley
House, Cottage & Kiln 009 Map
PotternewtonLeeds327Francis Edward BingleyFrancis Edward Bingley & othersBrewery Premises, Cottages & Garden 1113 Map
PotternewtonLeeds242The Earl CowperFrancis Edward BingleyNine Acres & EllersGrass1133 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds194Francis Edward BingleyFrancis Edward BingleyPart of Low BottomsGrass0032 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds195Francis Edward BingleyFrancis Edward BingleyWood 0234 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds197Francis Edward BingleyFrancis Edward BingleyPart of Brewery & Plantation 0018 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds198Francis Edward BingleyFrancis Edward BingleyQuarry & Waste 2137 Map
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