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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
LeedsLeeds428aThomas DawsonHenry BickerdikeHouse Garde etc. on York Road 0020 Map
LeedsLeeds428Thomas DawsonHenry BickerdikeLandGrass2315 Map
LeedsLeeds427Thomas DawsonHenry BickerdikeLandGrass1235 Map
LeedsLeeds435Henry Iveson EsquireHenry BickerdikeLand near Ivy LodgeGrass420 Map
LeedsLeeds425Henry Iveson EsquireJohn BickerdikeHouse & Homestead 0020 Map
LeedsLeeds424Henry Iveson EsquireJohn BickerdikeLand adjoining York RoadGrass432 Map
LeedsLeeds423Henry Iveson EsquireJohn BickerdikeLand adjoining York RoadGrass2228 Map
LeedsLeeds422Henry Iveson EsquireJohn BickerdikeLand adjoining York RoadGrass1238 Map
LeedsLeeds439Henry Iveson EsquireJohn BickerdikeLand adjoining York RoadGrass230 Map
LeedsLeeds443Henry Iveson EsquireJohn BickerdikeLand adjoining York RoadArable1235 Map
LeedsLeeds444Henry Iveson EsquireJohn BickerdikeLand adjoining York RoadGrass4133 Map
LeedsLeeds445Henry Iveson EsquireJohn BickerdikeLand adjoining York RoadGrass6026 Map
LeedsLeeds425aHenry Iveson EsquireJohn BickerdikeSix Cottages 0016 Map
PotternewtonLeeds372James Brown EsquireMatthew BickerdikeTop CloseArable4034 Map
PotternewtonLeeds373James Brown EsquireMatthew BickerdikeFirst CloseArable430 Map
PotternewtonLeeds374James Brown EsquireMatthew BickerdikeMiddle CloseMeadow & Arable438 Map
PotternewtonLeeds375James Brown EsquireMatthew BickerdikeFar CloseMeadow500 Map
PotternewtonLeeds369James Brown EsquireMatthew BickerdikeHouse, Homestead & Plantation 1032 Map
PotternewtonLeeds370James Brown EsquireMatthew BickerdikeHouse CloseGrass4310 Map
PotternewtonLeeds371James Brown EsquireMatthew BickerdikeLow CloseArable3312 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds33Ann BickerdikeAnn Bickerdike
James Chadwick & Richard Walton
House, Stable & Garden, House, Stable & Garden, House & Garden 019 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds118Ann BickerdikeSamuel Pawson
William Pullan & Robert Naylor
Samuel Simpson
Cottages 006 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds118aSarah BickerdikeSamuel S. Haigh
John Pawson
Cottages 003 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds159Sarah BickerdikeSarah Bickerdike
James Tattersall
House, Shop & Garden 0011 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds124Thomas Ward EsquireAnn BickerdikeOrchard FieldGrass1036 Map
ColdcotesLeeds1James Brown EsquireMatthew BickerdikeOak Tree CloseGrass415 Map
ColdcotesLeeds2James Brown EsquireMatthew BickerdikeSammy CloseArable2216 Map