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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
HorsforthGuiseley1047Thomas KendallWalter Bentley
William Proctor & Widow Kitchen
Three Houses & Gardens 009 Map
HorsforthGuiseley711John SpenceJohn Bentley
Joseph Broadbent
Betty Pickard
John Broadbent & Matthew Hutchinson
John Spence
Six Houses 0026 Map
HorsforthGuiseley853Jonas WatsonJohn Bentley
Joseph Holdsworth & William Battye
George Walker
Four Houses 006 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1122James WatsonJames Speight & Joseph Bentley
George Law
Three Houses 005 Map
RawdonGuiseley22James Bentley
William James
John Shepherd & Widow Spence
William White
John Claughton
James Mawson
John Thompson
Thomas Hartley & Samuel Marshall
W. Lupton
R. Hogg
J. Bramfitt
J. Hudson
T. Slater
W. & T. Booth
J. Stansfield & S. Walker J. & W. Hardaker
J. Routh
E. Clayton
W. Gascoigne
R. & J. Thompson
S. Prince
& E. & R. Smith
W. Bolton
T. Emmot
J. Horrocks
T. Mawson Snr & Jnr
J. & S. Marshall
J. Eastwood & J. Cooper J. Cowgill
W. Speight
J. & W. Greaves
D. Long
S. Naylor
C. Saplon
J. & B. Mawson & E. Mouncey
Houses etc. 0323 Map
RawdonGuiseley93Thomas BentleyJoseph Bentley
Thomas Bentley
House, Garden, Warehouse etc. 012 Map
RawdonGuiseley93aThomas BentleyJoseph Bentley
Thomas Bentley
Garden 019 Map
RawdonGuiseley599Thomas BentleyThomas BentleyLow CroftPasture112 Map
RawdonGuiseley600Thomas BentleyThomas BentleyAcreMeadow1029 Map
RawdonGuiseley602Thomas BentleyThomas BentleyBroad IngMeadow2023 Map
RawdonGuiseley603Thomas BentleyThomas BentleyRobin RoydMeadow1320 Map
RawdonGuiseley364Samuel BentleySamuel BentleyThe IntakeMeadow2219 Map
RawdonGuiseley147Jeremiah PrattJeremiah Pratt
William Whitaker & Edward Bentley
Houses & Gardens 0116 Map
ArmleyLeeds570Henry BentleyJoseph Gaunt & othersPublic House, Three Cottages & Yard 010 Map
ArmleyLeeds410John Gott EsquireJohn BentleyHouse & Garden 009 Map
ArmleyLeeds139James Tetley
Richard Tetley
Robert Bentley & othersFive Cottages 0010 Map
YeadonGuiseley558Crompton Rookes Esquire
William Stansfield
Henry BentleyFar Gill CloseMeadow3136 Map
YeadonGuiseley564Crompton Rookes Esquire
William Stansfield
Henry BentleyGarden 0012 Map
YeadonGuiseley566Crompton Rookes Esquire
William Stansfield
Henry BentleyGarden 0023 Map
YeadonGuiseley567Crompton Rookes Esquire
William Stansfield
Henry BentleyHigh CroftMeadow0120 Map
YeadonGuiseley563Crompton Rookes Esquire
William Stansfield
Henry BentleyMiddle CroftPasture100 Map
YeadonGuiseley562Crompton Rookes Esquire
William Stansfield
Henry BentleyLow CroftMeadow124 Map
YeadonGuiseley559Crompton Rookes Esquire
William Stansfield
Henry BentleyWalker CloseMeadow4016 Map
BramleyLeeds798William BentleyWilliam BentleyLandArable206 Map
BramleyLeeds1321Joseph Bentley
William Bentley
James HeslinCroft & Two HousesGrass0218 Map
BramleyLeeds450S. J. BirchallJohn BentleyFleece Inn, Stables etc. 0016 Map
BramleyLeeds450aS. J. BirchallJohn BentleyCroft or Garden 010 Map
BramleyLeeds451Dyson & CompanyJohn BentleyLandArable017 Map
BramleyLeeds981Miss ThompsonWilliam Bentley & othersCroft & Two CottagesGrass0214 Map
BramleyLeeds1006Miss ThompsonWilliam BentleyCroftGrass115 Map
BramleyLeeds1007Miss ThompsonWilliam BentleyCroftGrass2133 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell169aJohn Blayds EsquireHenry BentleyTom Payne Ing & Goosey GreggGrass3137 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell121John Blayds EsquireHenry BentleyPart of Goosey GreggGrass1032 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell121aJohn Blayds EsquireHenry BentleyCanal BankGrass2210 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell122John Blayds EsquireHenry BentleyFar ToberansGrass204 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell123John Blayds EsquireHenry BentleyMiddle ToberansGrass115 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell124John Blayds EsquireHenry BentleyMiddle ToberansGrass125 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell125John Blayds EsquireHenry BentleyNear ToberansArable5225 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell126John Blayds EsquireHenry BentleyHall CarrsGrass6021 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell222John Blayds EsquireHenry BentleyMalthouse 006 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell139aHenry BentleyHenry BentleyPart of Ashelwell FieldGrass0023 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell140Henry BentleyHenry BentleyAshelwellGrass3117 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell142Henry BentleyHenry BentleyAshelwellGrass1128 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell143Henry BentleyHenry BentleyAshelwellGrass1022 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell144Henry BentleyHenry BentleyAshelwellArable118 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell140aHenry BentleyHenry BentleyAshelwell South EndGrass0037 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell143aHenry BentleyHenry BentleyAshelwell South EndGrass0127 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell145Henry BentleyHenry BentleyQuarry FieldArable1024 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell146Henry BentleyHenry BentleyQuarry FieldArable2330 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell145aHenry BentleyHenry BentleyPart of Quarry FieldArable010 Map
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