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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
LeedsLeeds13Christopher Beckett Esquire (as Lord of the Manor)William HoldsworthWaste 16327 Map
LeedsLeeds12Christopher Beckett Esquire (as Lord of the Manor)William HoldsworthAdjoining Beck 0216 Map
LeedsLeeds257Christopher Beckett EsquireRobert Ban & othersHouses, Garden, Paddock & BuildingsGrass etc.110 Map
LeedsLeeds258Christopher Beckett EsquireRobert Ban & othersLandGrass1128 Map
LeedsLeeds258aChristopher Beckett EsquireRobert Ban & othersLandGrass & Garden1035 Map
LeedsLeeds258bChristopher Beckett EsquireRobert Ban & othersLand 0228 Map
LeedsLeeds345William Beckett EsquireGeorge RobsonBuilding GroundGrass320 Map
LeedsLeeds348William Beckett EsquireGeorge RobsonLandGrass400 Map
LeedsLeeds346William Beckett EsquireWilliam David BoothmanHouse & LandArable220 Map
LeedsLeeds347William Beckett EsquireWilliam David BoothmanBrick Ground 2021 Map
LeedsLeeds355William Beckett EsquireSamuel AtackBrick Ground 210 Map
PotternewtonLeeds103Christopher Beckett EsquireHenry SmithTwelve AcresArable13010 Map
PotternewtonLeeds101Christopher Beckett EsquireHenry PikeSix AcresArable604 Map
PotternewtonLeeds102Christopher Beckett EsquireHenry PikeFar FieldArable604 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds775William Beckett EsquireSamuel MitchellHouse & Outbuildings 0015 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds774William Beckett EsquireSamuel MitchellGarthArable0039 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds776William Beckett EsquireSamuel MitchellLittle BentleyArable2021 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1100William Beckett EsquireJohn PrinceHouse & Buildings 0139 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1095William Beckett EsquireJohn PrinceTop of the Hill CloseGrass1233 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1096William Beckett EsquireJohn PrinceMiddle CloseGrass1323 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1097William Beckett EsquireJohn PrinceHouse CloseGrass1322 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1098William Beckett EsquireJohn PrinceStack GarthGrass004 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds723William Beckett EsquireSamuel HodgsonNear Moor CloseArable5110 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds727William Beckett EsquireSamuel HodgsonFar Moor CloseGrass3318 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds782William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowHouse & Buildings 0122 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds726William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowBradbury CloseArable323 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds733William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowMiddle CloseArable3032 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds734William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowMiddle CloseGrass3133 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds735William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowBottom CloseGrass2333 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds736William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowBottom CloseArable3012 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds738William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowBentleyGrass316 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds739William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowBentleyGrass404 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds749William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowBentleyGrass3137 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds768William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowBentleyArable2319 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds769William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowBentleyGrass1015 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds777William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowGreat BentleyArable5027 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds778William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowLong CloseArable & Grass707 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds778aWilliam Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowCalf GarthGrass0034 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds779William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowWell CloseArable3318 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds780William Beckett EsquireJoseph BurrowLaith GarthArable3120 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds730William Beckett EsquireJohn TukeMiles HillArable & Grass6114 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds731William Beckett EsquireWilliam Beckett EsquirePlantation 007 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds781William Beckett EsquireWilliam Beckett EsquirePlantation 0116 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds783William Beckett EsquireWilliam Beckett EsquirePlantation 0130 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds788William Beckett EsquireWilliam Beckett EsquirePlantation 0037 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds737William Beckett EsquireBenjamin BirdsillBentleyGrass3212 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds740William Beckett EsquireBenjamin BirdsillBentleyArable206 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds741William Beckett EsquireGeorge WardBentleyGrass3125 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds742William Beckett EsquireGeorge WardQuarry 0010 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds767William Beckett EsquireRichard VarleyBentleyGrass4014 Map
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