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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
HorsforthGuiseley1212Edward BoyneAbram Bateson
James Battye
James Hardaker
Charles Fletcher
Timothy Wood
Abram Ellis & Widow Hardaker
Nine Houses 0021 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1381John Micklethwaite EsquireJames BatesonCottage & Garden 0025 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley162Jeremiah ClaytonSamuel BatesonPublic House & Buildings 0018 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley165Jeremiah ClaytonSamuel BatesonGarden 0023 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley166Jeremiah ClaytonSamuel BatesonCroftPasture0139 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley183Jeremiah ClaytonSamuel BatesonNear Foot Gate ClosePasture1317 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley184Jeremiah ClaytonSamuel BatesonCote IngMeadow3019 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley185Jeremiah ClaytonSamuel BatesonLow IngPasture1233 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley186Jeremiah ClaytonSamuel BatesonMiddle IngArable1210 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley187Jeremiah ClaytonSamuel BatesonHigh IngArable1032 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley188Jeremiah ClaytonSamuel BatesonFar Foot Gate CloseMeadow120 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley423Jeremiah ClaytonSamuel BatesonAllotmentArable4331 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley80John GillJ. Smith
S. Ive
T. Frankland
W. Marshall
L. Hardwicke
S. Murgatroyd & H. Watkinson
W. Scott
J. Naylor
W. Yeadon
J. Baldwin
S. Bateson & S. Parker
Houses, Shop & Gardens 0118 Map
GildersomeBatley70Devisee of Matthew BatesonBenjamin MoodBeck CarrMeadow2215 Map
GildersomeBatley71Devisee of Matthew BatesonBenjamin MoodHolling CarrPasture225 Map
GildersomeBatley147Devisee of Matthew BatesonRichard BeeversSagar RoydArable2211 Map
GildersomeBatley148Devisee of Matthew BatesonRichard BeeversHaley CloseMeadow2130 Map
GildersomeBatley162Devisee of Matthew BatesonRichard BeeversHorse PastureMeadow0231 Map
GildersomeBatley503aDevisee of Matthew BatesonRichard BeeversPark HillArable1119 Map
GildersomeBatley502aDevisee of Matthew BatesonRichard BeeversPark HillPasture307 Map
GildersomeBatley553Devisee of Matthew BatesonSamuel AtkinsonDixon NipshawPasture5120 Map
GildersomeBatley554Devisee of Matthew BatesonWilliam BedfordRough NipshawPasture409 Map
GildersomeBatley547Devisee of Matthew BatesonWilliam BedfordRough NipshawMeadow401 Map
GildersomeBatley72Devisee of Matthew BatesonBenjamin MoodHollings HeadPasture1037 Map
GildersomeBatley25Devisee of Matthew BatesonBenjamin MoodFar CarrMeadow3030 Map
GildersomeBatley26Devisee of Matthew BatesonBenjamin MoodPeat CarrMeadow2214 Map
GildersomeBatley176aDevisee of Matthew BatesonRichard ButtreyCinder HillMeadow1325 Map
GildersomeBatley358Devisee of Matthew BatesonRichard ButtreyClay CroftMeadow2036 Map
GildersomeBatley506Devisee of Matthew BatesonJohn BilbroughPaddockArable2232 Map
GildersomeBatley405Devisee of Matthew BatesonJohn BilbroughLawnPasture2128 Map
RawdonGuiseley37Abraham BatesonJohn Bateson
William Hudson
David Long & Thomas Brayshaw
Houses 007 Map
RawdonGuiseley87Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottDavid Bateson & Abram Smith
Benjamin Waugh
Houses & Yards 0017 Map
RawdonGuiseley79Ephraim ElsworthJohn Atkinson
James Mawson
John Ellis
George Bateson
Jonathan Jeffrey
John Graham & Joseph Shaw
Joseph Thompson
Elizabeth Kay
Susan Proctor
J. & J. Coulthouse & Job Waterhouse
Houses & Garden 017 Map
RawdonGuiseley35John ShepherdAnn & Shaw & Isaac Bateson
John Shepherd
Houses 0011 Map
LeedsLeeds92aJoseph BatesonJohn SnellSheepscar Mill & Croft 034 Map
LeedsLeeds92Joseph BatesonJohn SnellLandGrass1132 Map
LeedsLeeds83Joseph BatesonJohn SnellLandGrass0220 Map
ArmleyLeeds2James BatesonJohn SettleLittle CloseGrass3119 Map
ArmleyLeeds6James BatesonJohn SettleLong CloseGrass3035 Map
ArmleyLeeds7James BatesonWilliam MillsShaysGrass4217 Map
ArmleyLeeds8James BatesonWilliam MillsShaysGrass5129 Map
ArmleyLeeds9James BatesonWilliam MillsCocking CloseGrass4115 Map
ArmleyLeeds15James BatesonWilliam MillsToftsGrass4314 Map
ArmleyLeeds16James BatesonWilliam MillsFar Low CloseGrass3324 Map
ArmleyLeeds5James BatesonJohn Bateson & othersHouse, Cottages & Yard 0120 Map
HolbeckLeeds168James BatesonJoseph ArcherSpringsGrass510 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds854Christopher Beckett EsquireJoseph BatesonPennyfynnon CloseArable5212 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds910Reverend Joseph Wardle
Incumbent of Beeston
Joseph BatesonSkirrow PieceArable2317 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds911Reverend Joseph Wardle
Incumbent of Beeston
Joseph BatesonTop CloseArable3112 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds912Reverend Joseph Wardle
Incumbent of Beeston
Joseph BatesonBack of HouseArable1124 Map
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