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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
OtleyOtley186Robert BarkerRobert BarkerNear CroftGrass1120 Map
OtleyOtley185Robert BarkerRobert BarkerFar CroftGrass1126 Map
HorsforthGuiseley736John BarkerSamuel PerrigoHouse & Garden 004 Map
HorsforthGuiseley747William StablesJohn Barker & William Dixon
William Stables
Three Houses, Yard & Garden 0026 Map
AberfordAberford5Trustees of Addinam BarkerTrustees of Addinam BarkerCottages & Gardens 014 Map
AberfordAberford7Trustees of Addinam BarkerTrustees of Addinam BarkerCottages & Gardens 014 Map
AberfordAberford6Trustees of Addinam BarkerTrustees of Addinam BarkerMethodist Chapel 003 Map
AberfordAberford436Trustees of Addinam BarkerTrustees of Addinam BarkerAllotment on CommonArable4126 Map
AberfordAberford278Trustees of Addinam BarkerJoshua WilkinsonGarthGrass0130 Map
AberfordAberford26Elizabeth Gascoigne
Mary Isabella Gascoigne
Isaac Barker & anotherCottages 004 Map
AberfordAberford121Elizabeth Gascoigne
Mary Isabella Gascoigne
Addiman BarkerHouse, Shop & Garden 0026 Map
AberfordAberford122Elizabeth Gascoigne
Mary Isabella Gascoigne
Addiman BarkerIngGrass1314 Map
AberfordAberford445Elizabeth Gascoigne
Mary Isabella Gascoigne
Addiman BarkerAllotmentArable400 Map
MorleyBatley645Norrison Scatcherd EsquireRobert Barker & othersCottages & Gardens 0022 Map
LeedsLeeds351William BarkerWilliam BarkerPublic House & Land adjoining the New CemeteryGrass etc.110 Map
LeedsLeeds343John GarlandJohn BarkerHomestead & LandGrass3026 Map
LeedsLeeds344John GarlandJohn BarkerLandGrass332 Map
ArmleyLeeds124Thomas SimpsonJohn BarkerHouse, Cottage, Mistal & Garden 0017 Map
ArmleyLeeds123Thomas SimpsonJohn BarkerBank CloseGrass0312 Map
ArmleyLeeds121Thomas SimpsonJohn BarkerBank CloseGrass0230 Map
ArmleyLeeds396Robert Simpson WalkerJohn Barker & anotherTwo Cottages 002 Map
HunsletLeeds1Henry PrestonJames Barker Grass325 Map
HunsletLeeds2Henry PrestonJames Barker Grass4119 Map
HunsletLeeds3Henry PrestonJames Barker Grass3110 Map
HunsletLeeds13Henry PrestonJames Barker Grass1226 Map
HunsletLeeds14Henry PrestonJames Barker Arable1131 Map
HunsletLeeds48Trustees of Pious UsesJohn Barker Grass1332 Map
HunsletLeeds18Henry PrestonJames Barker Grass1038 Map
HunsletLeeds19Henry PrestonJames Barker Grass1211 Map
HunsletLeeds20Henry PrestonJames BarkerHomestead 028 Map
HunsletLeeds47Trustees of Pious UsesJohn Barker Grass2038 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk149John Wilson EsquireThomas BarkerFar Pottery FieldArable434 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk150John Wilson EsquireThomas BarkerMiddle Pottery FieldArable1024 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk151John Wilson EsquireThomas BarkerNear Pottery FieldGrass6220 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk138John Wilson EsquireThomas BarkerSwartcliffGrass9026 Map
YeadonGuiseley142Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerUpper Low LandsMeadow & Arable2232 Map
YeadonGuiseley186Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerLow Low LandsMeadow & Arable208 Map
YeadonGuiseley7Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerBack of HawMeadow2016 Map
YeadonGuiseley107Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerLow Haw CloseArable1326 Map
YeadonGuiseley109Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerLow Haw CloseArable1216 Map
YeadonGuiseley3Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerRaywood SidePasture218 Map
YeadonGuiseley5Richard Clayton EsquireJohn BarkerMiddle HawPasture134 Map
FarnleyLeeds23The Earl of CardiganMartha BarkerFieldArable030 Map
FarnleyLeeds24The Earl of CardiganMartha BarkerFieldGrass210 Map
FarnleyLeeds25The Earl of CardiganMartha BarkerFieldArable & Grass2017 Map
FarnleyLeeds229The Earl of CardiganMartha BarkerFieldArable & Grass418 Map
FarnleyLeeds232The Earl of CardiganMartha BarkerFieldGrass5034 Map
FarnleyLeeds233The Earl of CardiganMartha BarkerHouse & Outbuildings 004 Map
FarnleyLeeds19The Earl of CardiganMartha BarkerFieldGrass1123 Map
FarnleyLeeds20The Earl of CardiganMartha BarkerFieldGrass2024 Map
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