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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
PudseyCalverley894John FarrerJames AllottDick RoydPasture117 Map
PudseyCalverley1011Incumbent of Pudsey ChurchJoshua AllottSprout LidgetPasture128 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell581John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottDungeon Lane CloseArable5316 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell602John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottFootgate CloseArable223 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell603John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottMiddle CloseMeadow2231 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell604John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottLong CloseMeadow3330 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell605John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottSquare CloseMeadow1322 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell590John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottFar LightningsArable3132 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell591John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottFar LightningsArable2314 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell596John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottHouse, Cottage, Barn, Stable Yard & Garden 1027 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell599John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottRye ClosePasture2235 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell600John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottPasture ClosePasture3228 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell601John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottBack Door CloseArable2338 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell620John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottCrab RoydArable8225 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell680John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottFar CloseArable302 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell681John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottLong ClosePasture2329 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell682John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottGarthPasture2233 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell702John Blayds EsquireGeorge AllottFar LightningsArable100 Map